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Portraits, Landscapes, Still lifes, Custom Tote Bags, Custom Glassware. Tumblers too!

Did you or a loved one recently lose a love one,

or maybe you'd life a fun, unique painting to add to your home decor?

or maybe you'd just like to give the most amazing gift ever?

Look no further!

I'm Pet Portrait Artists and Realistic Portrait with 10 years of experience in commissioning portraits. I provide high end, traditionally hand drawn and painted portraits of people, dogs, cats and horses based on the clients own photographs in Oils, Acrylic, and Pencil.

Can't find a good picture of multiple people or pets. No Problem. Pick your favorite picture for each pet. I can place all in one painting together.

Not interested in a portrait of a pet. Get a painted portrait of your child/s or Custom wedding portrait.


Here's the steps you can take to get started today:


When choosing the right photo. Please make sure that photo is clear and sharp with high resolution, eyes are clear. Taken in natural lighting, either outside or indoors by the light of nearby window.

That way photos can be enlarged.

Its hard to pull detail from a blurry picture.


Not sure what size is right for your painting?

take a look at the priceing guide to help you decide. If you don't see the size you'd like, email me for a quote.

Prices depend on size.

Pet Portraits:

8"x10" -$65 only 1 pet

12"x9" -$70 only 2 pet max

12"x12" -$75 only 2 pet max

12"x24" -$85

16"x20" -$95

18"x24" -$105

24"x24" -$115

24"x30" -$125

36"x36" -$150

36"x48" -$185


People Portraits

16"x20" -$150

18"x24" -$200

20"X24" -$250

24"x24" -$325

30"x40" -$375

36"x48" -$400

48"x48" -$450

**All art sold have an additional 8.25% sales tax


Updates will be sent during the process of your portrait. Any fixes that you want done need to suggested before delivery/shipping. Once painting is shipped no returns or refunds are given.

If wanting a custom wedding portrait for reception or just for wall Payment plans available.


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Pet tote bag, Great if boarding or overnight stays

Custom Tote Bag

one bag is $35

When ordering a bag Please be aware that all bags might look different in style do to what I can find in stock.

Custom pet tote bag

Custom Portrait on Glass/ Stemware/ Tumblers
Custom Caricature on Glass is $20 per Glass
Custom Pet Portrait on Glass is $20 per Glass
Custom Caricature on Tumblers normal size 30oz is $55

Custom Caricature on glass
caricature on glass, great gift
Portrait on mug

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